Ladies and Gentlemen Please Take Your Seats…

in Munroe High School’s gymnasium! That’s right faithful readers and play-goers, it’s that time of year again, time for high school spring plays! This week, I had the incredible luck to be assigned Munroe High School who put on a star-studded student written and directed musical, A Lunch Tray Named Stacy. I was riveted by the show, whose plot was unidentifiable mostly due to the fact that the lyrics were not discernible. I cannot say with confidence which young man had the lead, but I can assure you that his voice cracked…every young gentleman’s voice cracked. The young women in the play were incredibly talented as well, most were able to sing on key for a few of the songs!

If I were to offer one bit of constructive criticism, it would be that it ended too soon. Three and a half hours was simply not enough time to absorb the musical’s beautiful message…I simply have no idea what it was. Former high school star and three time Oscar winner Raymond Moody shares my opinion. I had the pleasure of speaking with him after the show, and he told me, “I cannot comprehend what I just saw, but it was simply glorious! I think they could have continued on for several more hours without ever conveying a solitary point!” I asked Mr. Moody how it felt to once again be in a high school gymnasium, “It’s bitter-sweet Scarlett. On the one hand, I couldn’t be more honored to sit upon an icy fold-up chair and breathe in the body odor that simply saturates this building! On the other hand, I just want to be on that stage again! People just aren’t as passionate about blockbuster hits as they are about high school plays, and I miss working under that kind of pressure.” I sympathize with Mr. Moody, as does Agnes Worhart who has won the Best Director Oscar for the past five years. I spoke with Ms. Worhart during intermission and learned her secret desire, “I desperately want to direct high school plays! I know these days the students handle most of the directing themselves(and they are remarkable at it!), but even the chance to run lines with them would be a dream come true!” I asked Ms. Worhart if she thinks she really has a chance of making it to the big leagues, and she replied, “I actually have an interview at Ridgeland Junior High next week! I am hoping to put in a few years there and eventually work my way up to HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA TEACHER!” I wished that wonderful lady good luck, because she is going to need it!

In conclusion, dear readers, this critic couldn’t be more pleased with A Lunch Tray Named Stacy! I encourage all of you to attend the final showing next Friday, but I warn you that the feel of those metal chairs, and the smells that waft through that gymnasium, are going to make you long for the good old days!

Scarlett Tulip
Oh, The Irony


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