stupid hpts

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but it has been awhile since I have posted. The main reason is that I have been consumed with the question, “Am I pregnant?” for a solid week. If I had written anything it would have been: Am I pregnant? Am I pregnant? Am I pregnant? and so on. It’s all I have been able to think about!

This past Friday, I took the first of several home pregnancy tests. I knew from the directions that the test would only be about 50% accurate, but what if it said positive! It didn’t. Next day the odds went up to about 80%…but still came back negative. Following day, 90% accurate and a negative result…by now I’m crying. “Just come you f***ing period! I know I’m not pregnant!”

I was so disappointed because I could swear I was having pregnancy symptoms, similar to the first time I was pregnant. I knew that pregnancy symptoms were similar to what you feel before you start menstruating…but I had been experiencing them for days, which is very unusual for me.

When I was one day late and still getting negative results I googled “negative pregnancy tests and late period”. I found several articles that made me both hopeful and angry. I actually knew when I had ovulated because I used an ovulation kit, and I had ovulated only nine days before I was supposed to menstruate. I ovulate a little later in my cycle than the average woman does, and this really affects the accuracy of hpts. According to the various articles I read, you shouldn’t bother with an hpt until approximately 12 days after you ovulate.

I had purchased three different brands of home pregnancy tests, and none of them specifically mention that the time when you ovulate in relation to when you menstruate essentially dictates how much hcg is in your urine on the day of your expected period. They did mention that hormone levels vary greatly and that you should wait until you are one day late to test and if you get a negative result wait three days before you test again. I ignored this advice and wasted about forty dollars. This is why I was angry, but hopeful! If I had followed the advice I would have needed only two pregnancy tests to get the answer I was dying to see…



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